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I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to visit Camelsdale School the other week. The children (and teachers) absolutely loved it and have really been inspired. We have had super feedback about the whole week and have really accomplished what we set out to do, so thank you.

Hannah, Camelsdale Primary School, Hazelmere

What are your SCHOOL'S STEM GOALS?

Mad Science can help you to meet your School's objectives...

Do you want to create a real EXCITEMENT for Science with both Pupils and Teachers?

We've been working in UK schools for 15 years! It's not just what we do, it's the way that we do it that keeps us coming back year after year. We're MAD about Science and we make sure that you feel as excited about it as we do! All of our programmes are designed to create memorable and lasting experiences.

Do you want to engage every pupil in the school on one day?

Our School Science Day packages are designed to give every single pupil in your school an exciting and engaging Science experience... all in one day! We usually launch the day with a high-energy Science Show during your assembly, and then visit each classroom with a 1 hour Workshop. Expect dynamic Mad Scientists, hands-on experiments and not-to-be-missed live demonstrations.

Do you want to launch a specific topic?

Which topic will you be focussing on this term? With a workshop for every Science topic on the national curriculum we can deliver a really exciting class to boost-start a level of energy and enthusiasm that your pupils will be able to carry right through into the rest of the term!

Do you need to deliver a more consistent focus on STEM in your school?

Our Mad Scientists can visit your whole school or a specific class or year group, with a series of workshops delivered over the term. We will work with your pupils to engage them with the many exciting Science topics on the curriculum, helping both pupils and teachers to feel more comfortable and enthusuasic about Science. Our teacher support packages include suggestions about further experiments and about cross curricular links with other subjects.

Are you looking for a School Field Trip that ticks the STEM theme box?

Why not let us come to you? Save on the hassle and expense of arranging coach travel and let us bring a Science Museum Experience to your school. Children can rotate in groups around a series of themed activity stations or mini-workshops, and interact with our team of amazing and energetic Mad Scientists!

Are you feeling limited by school budgets?

Some of the schools we work with offer our Mad Science In-School Field Trips to parents, in the same way that other external activities and outings are offered. Just call our friendly office to find out more!

Our inspiring experiments help children to interact with each other, think about outcomes and celebrate their successes.

Our numerous workshop topics align to the following National Curriculum links:

Plants, Animals including Humans

Earth and Space

Forces and Magnets



Everyday Materials

States of Matter

Properties and Changes of Materials



Mad Science also work with:


Home Education Groups

SEN Schools & Organisations

Guiding & Scouting Groups

Secondary Schools (during transition)

Industrial CSR Programmes

Workshop Topics Include........


Worms (habitats, building a wormery)

Butterflies (caterpillars, metamorphosis)

Human Body (skeleton, organs)

Dinosaurs (teeth, diet, dino dig, make t-rex tooth)

Seeking our Senses (optical illusions, smell tests, Braille)

Space Frontiers (constellations, collecting moon rock)

Magnetic Attraction (magnetic field and effects)

Energy and Motion (potential and kinetic energy)

Listen Closely (voice modulator, sound effects)

Science of Music (volume, pitch, musical instruments)

Lights On (colours, spectrum, shadows)

Mad Mixtures (density, liquid lasagne, volcanoes, slime)

Water Works (floating, sinking, absorption)


Bugs (classification, habitats, defences)

Optical Illusions (reflection, sight, lenses)

Mission Nutrition (balanced diet, food groups, digestion) Tantalising Taste (taste bud ‘mapping’, sweet making)

Olympics (Workshop or Whole School Show)

Earthworks (earthquakes, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic)

Oil and How we Use It (decomposition, combustion)

Current Events (circuits, fuses, nerve testers)

Watts Up (static, Van de Graaff generator, hair-raising)

Energise It (Whole School Show)

Rockin’ Robots (Lego Mindstorm, reacting to sound and light) Sonic Sounds (pitch, volume, voice modulator)

Lights Colour Action (spectrum, chromatography, indoor fireworks)

Light Fantastic (laser mazes, diffraction glasses)

Glow Show (fluorescence, phosphorescence, UV)

Playing with Polymers (polymers, molecules, slime)

Matter of Fact (atoms, molecules, reactions, silly putty)

Harnessing Heat (hand boilers, candy floss)

Wacky Waves (liquid density, oil spill)

Acids and Bases (pH testing, acids, alkalis)

Detective Science (fingerprints, evidence testing)

Kitchen Chemistry (food testing, yeast)

Chemystery (reactions, acetone, bouncy balls)

Fundamental Forces (gyroscopes, centre of gravity)

Magnetic Magic (magnetic fields and effects)

Under Pressure (air pressure, vortex generators)

Stunt Planes (4 forces of flight)

Machines (pulleys, levers, inclined planes)

Science of Toys (potential and kinetic energy)

Up Up and Away (Whole School Show)

Spin Pop Boom (Whole School Show)

Space… The Final Frontier (bubble galaxies, asteroid drop)

Rockets and Space Travel (4 forces of flight, launch)

"We had a fantastic day, Naz was brilliant with the students and several staff have commented on how great the assembly was." 

Oaklands School- Cheshire

"During the whole-school assembly, you could really see and hear the children's excitement at what was delivered. The individual sessions in class went down a storm too. The children especially loved making slime and have not stopped talking about the experience since."

Manor House- Cheshire

"The Mad Science event was great. Your presenter had the kids hooked from the word go."

Springwell Park- Liverpool 

Pricing During National Science Week

  • Whole School Assembly £330
  • ½ Science Day: 3 x 1 hour Workshops £550
  • Science Day: 4 x 1 hour Workshops + Whole School Assembly £750
  • Science Day: 7 x 1 hour Workshops + Whole School Assembly £999
  • Additional Workshops can be added to a Science Day for £90 each

Discounted Price Outside of National Science Week

  • Whole School Assembly £250
  • Single Workshop or Class Party £199
  • ½ Science Day: 3 x 1 hour Workshops £450
  • Science Day: 4 x 1 hour Workshops + Whole School Assembly £599
  • Science Day: 7 x 1 hour Workshops + Whole School Assembly £850
  • Additional Workshops can be added to a Science Day for £90 each

Bespoke Science Days, Activity Stations, Shows, and Special Events can be tailored to your specification.

What should you expect when Mad Sceince visit your school?

Lots of energy and excitement!

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